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For almost nine years, Steve Ryland PT, DPT and his company, Beachside Physical Therapy, have been providing residents of Brevard County with physical therapy services, treating everything from sprained ankles to post-surgical rotator cuff repairs.  But what has kept Beachside Physical Therapy successful when other physical therapy clinics have been closing their doors?  “For years I worked with different physical therapy clinics and I always felt something was missing,” says Dr. Ryland.  “In 2001, I decided it was time for a change.  That’s when I opened the doors to our first facility in Indian Harbour Beach.”

What was missing, according to Dr. Ryland, was personalization of care.  “So many times I would be working with patients treating the diagnosis, not the patient.  A person that has had hip-replacement surgery is different from other hip-replacement patients.  One protocol cannot solve all problems.  There has to be some individualization of treatment.”

Customized Care and Expertise

This has been Dr. Ryland’s focus since opening the doors to his first Beachside Physical Therapy facility and his efforts have been fruitful.  He has since opened four other Beachside Physical Therapy locations.  Each facility is staffed with therapists with all sorts of specializations to ensure that patients get the personalized care and expertise they need. “We have therapists with manual therapy certifications, Mackenzie-trained therapists…and of course many therapists who specialize in a specific sport.  This allows our patients to have a variety of treatment options as well as the ability to work with someone who understands their specific goals and needs,” says Dr. Ryland.

Over the past three years, Dr. Ryland has come against some opposition from insurance companies who want to limit patient care.  “Insurance companies look strictly at the numbers,” says Dr. Ryland, “not the patients.  They want patients in and out and you just can’t do that.  Some patients have been living with these issues for years and you can’t always fix that in four weeks.”

In addition, the cost of care has been on a steady increase.  “When I first opened my doors, patients were paying $5 and $10 per visit.  Today I have patients with $50 co-pays and $10,000 deductibles!”

Continuing Care at Beachside Health Studio

Instead of conceding defeat, Dr. Ryland took matters into his own hands.  In 2008, Dr. Ryland founded Beachside Health Studio in Indialantic.  “The Studio,” as it is known, provides patients with affordable options for physical therapy care without having to worry about insurance restrictions.  Other services provided by The Studio include massage therapy, Pilates, yoga, personal training and group fitness classes.  These services were developed with the intention of providing patients who have completed care – as well as new clients and even patients in the midst of treatment – ways to continue the success achieved within their physical therapy sessions outside of the clinic atmosphere.

“All too often we see patients who have met their physical therapy goals returning for the same injury because they have no place to go to for continued care,” explains Dr. Ryland. “Gyms are often too impersonal and are not staffed with employees that have the knowledge base that physical therapists do.  Home exercises are always given to our patients, but sometimes getting patients motivated enough to continue those routines can be difficult.”

At The Studio, patients work with physical therapists, physical therapy assistants and certified personal trainers trained in rehabilitative therapy to continue their exercise programs and to modify those programs as needed. “It is important to be there for our patients even after they’ve been discharged from our care.  Beachside Health Studio helps continue their success and prevent further injury,” says Dr. Ryland.

The Studio has made a name for itself in the fitness world as well.  The “Beachside Challenge” – a 12-week program that puts clients with a physical therapist, personal trainer and nutritionist – has become quite popular with beachside residents looking to lose weight and meet other fitness goals.  “The Biggest Loser®”-like competition helped competitors lose over 100 pounds in its first running.  (The Studio is currently in the middle of its second Beachside Challenge and is scheduled to begin a third this month).  “Nowadays you’re seeing lots of surgeries, weight-loss pills, and weight-loss plans that focus on eating packaged food,” says Dr. Ryland.  “We decided to take a stand and teach people the safe and healthy way to lose weight with professionals helping all along the way.”

The success of Beachside Physical Therapy and Beachside Health Studio are all due to Dr. Ryland thinking outside of the box and providing the community with what was needed.  Physical therapy delivered by highly skilled specialists on an individualized basis, affordable physical therapy care without the restrictions of insurance companies and fitness programs supervised and provided by highly educated professionals are just the beginning.  What should we expect in the next 10 years from Dr. Ryland?  “Well, I can’t be sure just yet!” he says.  “Iguess we’ll just have to see what our patients need in the future and be there to provide it!”

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