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Keeping an Eye on Common Vision Problems

Dr. Frank Curington of Family Vision Center looks out for the area’s aging population According to, one in six adults ages […]

The Intersection of Ease & Excellence

Parrish Healthcare Center at Port St. John houses quality care in one handy location Let’s face it. We like convenience. We like […]

Retirement Solutions for Seniors

  One Senior Place presents retirement planning considerations to help you make informed decisions Retirement is supposed to be the best time […]

Modern-Day Heros – BIMDA Leaders

“The heroes of BIMDA (the Brevard Indo-American Medical and Dental Association) have been many over the years,” says Glad Kurian, a financial […]

Don’t Settle for a Memory that Fails

Terri Clark of LearningRx explains how the right exercises can strengthen and enhance cognitive skills Have you lost your car keys lately? […]

Choosing a Retirement Community

  Doreen Boudreau of Buena Vida Estates offers sound advice for those weighing their retirement living options You won’t find today’s seniors […]

A Seamless Continuum of Care for Seniors

A SEAMLESS CONTINUUM OF CARE FOR SENIORS Wuesthoff’s The Town Square assisted living facility and other care centers provides peace of mind […]

Health First Health Plans’ “Choosing the Right Medicare Advantage Plan”

Experts at Health First Health Plans offer checklist Each year you have the opportunity to choose a new health plan or continue […]

When You Just Can’t Hold It Anymore

Nurse practitioner Michelle Lewis of Osler Geriatrics offers sound advice for women struggling with urinary incontinence “Many people have seen commercials on […]

Advanced Treatment for Gynecologic Cancers

Florida Hospital’s gynecologic oncology team treats all types of women’s reproductive cancers Every woman is at risk for developing a gynecologic cancer. […]

Aging Successfully

Health First Physician Dr. Melody King offers healthy living guidelines for women One of the most important aspects of aging successfully is taking […]

Forget Vasectomy: Women Can Now Feel Empowered

Dr. Victor Benezra with MIMA OB/GYN offers Essure, a non-surgical method of permanent birth control Most women come to a point in […]

Teen Talk

Dr. Patricia Zylman, an OB/GYN with Hibiscus Women’s Care of Brevard, explores developmental issues and gynecologic care for teenage girls “Truth be […]

Combating the Symptoms of Aging

Suntree Pharmacy offers BalAge Rx, a bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), to rebalance hormone levels and help women get the most out […]

The Women of WOW

WOW ~ Women on Wellness is comprised of an enthusiastic panel of women experts in various fields, providing anti-aging education and insider […]

Specializing in Skin Health Restoration

Dr. Michael Lesser of Essentials Spa & Rejuvenation Center offers a wide range of anti-aging and facial rejuvenation treatments Dr. Michael Lesser […]

Sorting Out Emerging Medical Technology

Dr. Regina Kaufmann of BodyWise Specialists explores performance and safety of today’s aesthetic technologies and procedures “As a board certified OB/GYN and […]

Involving All Walks of Medicine

Dr. Gobivenkata Balaji, president of BIMDA, explores the role of the organization’s presidency and key players, as well as its stance on […]

Nikhita Dhruv, M.D.

ENDOCRINOLOGIST WITH MEDICAL ASSOCIATES OF BREVARD Women over the age of 50 need to be exceptionally cautious of osteoporosis, the thinning of […]

Marissa Rocourt, M.D.

INTERNIST WITH BREVARD HEALTH CARE The prevalence of diabetes has grown at an alarming rate over the last decade. Diabetes is a […]