Cosmetic Surgery

The Women of WOW

WOW ~ Women on Wellness is comprised of an enthusiastic panel of women experts in various fields, providing anti-aging education and insider […]

Specializing in Skin Health Restoration

Dr. Michael Lesser of Essentials Spa & Rejuvenation Center offers a wide range of anti-aging and facial rejuvenation treatments Dr. Michael Lesser […]

Sorting Out Emerging Medical Technology

Dr. Regina Kaufmann of BodyWise Specialists explores performance and safety of today’s aesthetic technologies and procedures “As a board certified OB/GYN and […]

Small Procedures, Big Differences

Dr. Roxanne Guy discusses single cosmetic outpatient procedures that can make a huge impact “People often ask me if I look at […]

Brevard, Love Your Legs

Hong Jeong, M.D. of Brevard Heart & Vascular Institute of Melbourne treats varicose and spider veins in the legs with the latest […]

The Scientific Reality of Skin Care Products

Dr. Roxanne Guy demystifies skin care products and new technology, helping patients find what works for their individual needs “A question I […]

The Skinny On Body Contouring

With swimsuit season rapidly approaching, many people may need a little extra help shedding those extra pounds. Enter Dr. Roxanne Guy and […]

A Cosmetic Artist

Dr. Roxanne Guy Utilizes Innovative Technology and 3-D Photographic Imaging Equipment to Offer the Best Outcomes to Her Cosmetic Surgery Patients If […]

Cosmetic Surgical Advances to Brevard County

Dr. Michael Diaz  is the First and Only Local Plastic Surgeon to Offer State-of-the-Art Soft-Tissue Matrix Strattice for Advanced Breast Revision Dr. […]