Eye Care

Keeping an Eye on Common Vision Problems

Dr. Frank Curington of Family Vision Center looks out for the area’s aging population According to AllAboutVision.com, one in six adults ages […]

Episodes of Lost Eyesight

Dr. Aggarwal of the Eye Clinic & Laser Institute reviews the causes and risk factors of sudden vision loss Sudden vision loss […]

Dangers of Diabetes to the Eye

Dr. Mukesh Aggarwal of the Eye Clinic & Laser Institute explains how diabetes can affect the eyes Diabetes is a disease that […]

Glaucoma And The Eye

Dr. Mukesh Aggarwal of the Eye Clinic and Laser Institute offers insight into the causes and treatments of this common disease An […]

Promising Solutions In Sight

Brevard Eye Center provides multiple options with full-service eye-care centers Countless patients have smiled as a result of the work of Paul […]

Cataract Surgical Strides

Dr. Mukesh Aggarwal of the Eye Clinic and Laser Institute explains the latest advancements in cataract surgery The majority of people over […]

A Clearer Outlook

Brevard Eye Center offers surgical advances in the treatment of floaters Vitreous floaters are a common visual complaint seen in the elderly […]

Cultivating Patient Loyalty

Florida Eye Associates helps seniors see (and hear) life more clearly Florida Eye Associates, Brevard’s first and largest ophthalmology group practice, was […]

Clear Vision In View

Dr. Frank Curington treats many eye health and vision-related conditions, including dry-eye syndrome, an increasingly prevalent condition that shouldn’t be ignored Frank […]

Beyond Lasik

Dr. Rafael Trespalacios of the Brevard Eye Center explains what patients should know about advanced refractive surgical procedures Finding the right vision […]

An Eye-Care Visionary: Florida Eye Associates

Florida Eye Associates – Brevard County’s first ophthalmology group practice – continues to flourish under the direction of its founder William J. […]

Brevard Eye Center

Promising Solutions In Sight It is a scene played time after time in the offices of Brevard Eye Center.  “Someone will come […]