Women’s Wellness

Forget Vasectomy: Women Can Now Feel Empowered

Dr. Victor Benezra with MIMA OB/GYN offers Essure, a non-surgical method of permanent birth control Most women come to a point in […]

Teen Talk

Dr. Patricia Zylman, an OB/GYN with Hibiscus Women’s Care of Brevard, explores developmental issues and gynecologic care for teenage girls “Truth be […]

Nikhita Dhruv, M.D.

ENDOCRINOLOGIST WITH MEDICAL ASSOCIATES OF BREVARD Women over the age of 50 need to be exceptionally cautious of osteoporosis, the thinning of […]

Marissa Rocourt, M.D.

INTERNIST WITH BREVARD HEALTH CARE The prevalence of diabetes has grown at an alarming rate over the last decade. Diabetes is a […]

Christine Thomas, M.D.

OBSTETRICIAN/GYNECOLOGIST WITH DR. CHRISTINE THOMAS, OBSTETRICS & GYNECOLOGY Becoming a mother is one of the most exciting times in a woman’s life. […]

Sexual Violence: “That’s Not Cool”

The Women’s Center provides crisis intervention, counseling and many other services to sexual assault victims Sexual violence exists amid a complex web […]

Keeping You Dry

The team at Central Florida Urogynecology treats sensitive women’s medical issues with compassion, professionalism and laughter When it comes to caring for […]

Treating Women As Individuals

Zipper Urogynecology considers the unique needs of their patients offering Meshless Urogynecology and free second opinions Understanding a medical diagnosis has gotten […]

Restoring Women’s Confidence

Dr. Ralph Zipper treats a range of women’s urogynecologic conditions with advanced techniques, compassion and dignity “My mission is to heal and […]

Dr. Rolando Gomez & Dr. Mark McTammany, OB/GYN

Hysterectomy: A Minimally Invasive Approach According to the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, hysterectomy is the second most common surgery performed […]

Wuesthoff Health Systems: Women’s Services

Setting the Bar for Women’s Health Wuesthoff Health System provides a variety of services to support healthy lifestyles for women. With seven […]

TEPAS Breast Center

Advances in the Breast Cancer Battle According to the American Cancer Society, one in eight women will develop breast cancer in her […]

Ginger Burton, ARNP-C

Partnering with Parents “I see a tremendous need for early reproductive health intervention in our adolescent young women,” says nurse practitioner Ginger […]