Coordinated Care for Critical Issues

Kindred Hospital Melbourne’s advanced nursing staff works with physicians and clinicians to offer specialized integrated care

One of 120 Kindred long-term acute care hospitals across the nation, and one of 10 in Florida, Kindred Hospital Melbourne brings to Brevard County a continuum of care which allows patients and their families to stay in the area when long-term acute care is needed. Area hospitals turn to Kindred for patients whose stay may require an average of 25 days.

Whether it’s wound care, infectious diseases, ventilator support or medically critical issues, Kindred Hospital Melbourne has the physicians, medical staff and technology to support Space Coast residents and beyond. In fact, Kindred Healthcare earned a position on Fortune magazine’s top medical companies in the nation.

According to Chief Executive Officer Angelica Cotshott, Kindred Hospital Melbourne, which is Medicare certified, offers extended care for acute patients. “Kindred Hospital provides aggressive, specialized interdisciplinary care to medically complex patients who require extended recovery time,” says Cotshott.

It also provides care through an interdisciplinary team of clinicians who meet at least weekly to implement individualized treatment plans and protocols to achieve positive clinical outcomes.

The conveniently located Melbourne facility is staffed and equipped to rapidly respond to changes in medical conditions, and provides a caring and respectful hospital environment for all patients and families who require hope, healing and recovery.

In a 2010 study, researchers found that, “With the aging of the population and advances in critical care, the incidence of chronic critical illness is expected to rise in coming years. Long-term acute care hospitals could play a particularly important role in caring for these patients.” (Jeremy M. Kahn, M.D. et al).

Mary Jo Hild, director of sales and marketing for Kindred Hospital Melbourne, believes one of the key factors making Kindred a top choice for long-term acute care is the exceptional quality of nursing care. “Our experienced nurses offer specialized integrated care for the long term,” she says.

“Patients with serious chronic diseases require special attention for more than a brief hospital stay,” she adds. “Our nurses provide that continuum of care, and help build relationships between physicians, patients and family members.”

Unlike a nursing home, patients don’t live permanently at Kindred. The goal is to treat patients so they can live independently and return to their home and community. When independence is not possible, Kindred helps patients achieve the highest level of wellness possible, and helps them move on to the next level of care, be it a skilled nursing facility, transitional care unit or home with specialized home care services.

Part of the Kindred success model is its team approach. Nurses, physicians and staff work to identify all of a patient’s medical conditions, devise treatment plans and set goals that will result in positive, long-term outcomes. Many of the nurses have advanced training in areas such as wound, ostomy, continence care and critical care.

Each day, physicians round with nurses and a mix of other providers, sharing information and viewing the patient’s status from a variety of perspectives. Between seven to 10 days into a patient’s stay, team members hold an update meeting to discuss the patient’s progress, ensure that everyone is on the same page in terms of care progression and address the non-medical aspects of the patient’s care. The team continues to meet weekly to discuss clinical and social issues affecting a patient, review the person’s progress and define goals for the coming week.

Long-term acute care hospitals like Kindred Hospital Melbourne have become an integral part of health care in the U.S. resulting in fewer hospital re-admissions and lower costs overall. Kindred Hospital will continue to serve patients with conditions beyond the scope of a short-term acute care hospital, transitional care facility or skilled nursing facility.

Kindred works because of its integrated healing approach, team orientation, skilled and experienced nurse care, all with an interdisciplinary focus.

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