Fitness on the Fast Track

Club Performax’s trainers introduce unique workouts that emphasize real results, accountability and fun

Club Performax opened in 1998 and remains privately owned and operated by Rod Stewart and his wife, Risa. The business started solely as a personal training studio with 2,500 square feet of space. In 2001, Club Performax moved to a larger space on Sarno Road and for 10 years served not only as a personal training hub, but also included a fitness club. For the past four years, it has been in its present location on N. Wickham Road in Suntree.

According to Stewart, the typical Club Performax client is someone looking for serious results. Whether it is weight loss, wanting to get better at a sport or resolving a health issue, most clients are drawn to the personal training component of the club, although gym memberships, which allow the use of the equipment and classes, are also available. With over 25 classes and five trainers, a plethora of workout options are available.

“Our creative trainers make you feel like a kid again,” says Stewart.

All classes are athletic based. The goal is to help improve a client’s performance, whether in a group training setting or class, as building endurance and stamina are keys to moving better, living longer and preventing injuries.

“We try to take the boredom out of exercising. We all know that we should exercise, but not everyone wants to do it. And most people don’t exercise. So we try to create an atmosphere that allows people to succeed,” explains Stewart.

During the induction process, Stewart likes to meet with every new member individually in an effort to get to know his or her exercise preferences, medical history and personality. This helps him assign the right trainer and suggest classes that he thinks the client would enjoy.

“Most people have a goal to lose weight, and for some, if they don’t see immediate results, they won’t stick with it,” explains Stewart. “So we created the Fast Track program.”

The eight-week Fast Track program includes unlimited personal training and coaching, an easy web-based weight-loss food-logging program and a device called “ExerSpy” which is worn on the arm and tracks a client’s daily movement and number of calories burned.


  1. Find your reason for wanting to lose weight or get in shape! If you don’t, you won’t stick with it.
  2. Enlist help from a professional. Even the greatest athletes have coaches. Using one will help you get the best and most efficient workout.
  3. Make sure your workout is not boring. If you are stuck in the same routine, you will dread it. You should look forward to your workout.
  4. Combine strength, cardio and mobility into your routine so that you experience high-intensity training with periods of rapid recovery.


Charlie Foell is one of many success stories at Club Performax. At 20, Foell had fallen into the cycle of over eating and spending much of his day in front of the computer. On the verge of 255 pounds, with the encouragement of his mother, he met with Stewart at Club Performax in August 2011 and began a personalized Fast Track eight-week program.

Foell’s mother, TJ, has been a member of Club Performax for almost three years and wanted to give her son the gift of fitness and athleticism that she was experiencing.

“While most of Club Performax’s members are a bit older than Charlie, many parents are looking to pave the right road for their children. Charlie was a treat to work with because of his mother’s emotional investment,” says Stewart. “At 20, he wasn’t in the best shape of his life. It was great for me to work with him. Being a parent, I understand what it is like to want the best for your kids and for them to succeed. He is oozing with confidence now.”

Being in the medical field, TJ sees the effects of being overweight every day. “I’d rather pay a little now than face the pain and health care expenses if my son developed major medical problems later,” she says.

Foell was at first intimidated to work out at Club Performax, but after his success he describes the club as a “motivational community.”

“I have never been to a gym where the interaction between the staff and the gym members is so personal. My experience at Club Performax was tough at first, but as my endurance strengthened I could endure more and more rigorous workouts helping me reach my goals,” says Foell.

Two of Foell’s favorite classes were spinning and an outside boot camp-style workout. “I have lost 58 pounds and feel great,” says Foell, who is working full time and enrolled as a full-time student at Brevard Community College. He continues to go to the gym before or after work.

Long-term clients have the opportunity to set fitness goals beyond the club’s walls. “People want to do something outside of the gym by conquering a goal they can put on the calendar,” says Stewart.

For example, on February 25, members participated in the Spartan Race in Miami. The event, hosted in cities nationwide, consists of eight miles of obstacles, mud and even fire. Foell was a participant. “This event was a great way to challenge myself and to put an exclamation mark on everything I have achieved,” he says.

“Because Charlie is so fit now, incidentally, out of 4,000 participants, he is one of only a handful who that morning did the grueling race twice!” adds Stewart.

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