HealthSouth Sea Pines Rehabilitation Hospital

Medical & Therapeutic Rehabilitation

As Brevard County’s sole acute rehabilitation hospital, HealthSouth Sea Pines specializes in medical and therapeutic inpatient and outpatient services that help disabled patients recover and restore proper physical function.  Currently operating at 65 beds, the health care organization is dedicated to employing the latest rehabilitation technology and extensive therapy services.

Components of care at HealthSouth Sea Pines include 24-hours a day, seven days a week medical management consisting of daily physician visits by a board-certified physiatrist (physical medicine doctor) and a nurse/patient ratio equivalent to that of a medical floor at an acute-care hospital, as well as therapy services performed by licensed physical, occupationa land speech therapists.  The facility also offers respiratory therapy, X-ray services and an on site pharmacy.

In contrast to skilled nursing facilities, acute rehabilitation hospitals perform more therapy pursuant to Medicare and commercial insurance requirements, and most generally offer more direct medical management, therapy and technology.

“Acute rehabilitation hospitals have long been recognized as the preferred setting for rehab placement once the patient is discharged from the acute care hospital as evidenced by numerous patient outcome studies,” explains Denise McGrath, CEO.

Last year, HealthSouth Sea Pines treated 1,250 inpatients, with the ultimate goal of helping each return to their former level of activity.  Common ailments of patients include strokes, hip fractures and other orthopedic diagnoses, neurological disorders, brain injuries and trauma cases.

Treatment of strokes at HealthSouth SeaPines is particularly advanced, as the hospital is a Joint Commission accredited stroke rehabilitation facility and houses a stroke/brain injury unit with all private rooms.  “While I’m certainly a little biased, I truly believe that every stroke patient in Brevard County who requires rehabilitation and has rehabilitation potential needs to come to Sea Pines in order to achieve their maximum recovery, post stroke,” says Medical DirectorDr. Stuart Miller.

HealthSouth Sea Pines, which currently has 189 employees, uses a multidisciplinary approach to health care.  Upon an initial assessment of a patient’s condition and functionality, the staff builds an individualized treatment plan and continually monitors progress.  Patient care conferences involving physicians, therapists, nurses and case management staff are conducted weekly to assess each patient’s progress and determine treatment plan modifications.

“For us, friendly, interdisciplinary, superior health care is more than a catch phrase,” says Chief Nursing Officer Beverly Wecal.  “We strive to make a positive difference in the lives of those who entrust their rehabilitation to the treatment team of HealthSouth Sea Pines Rehabilitation Hospital.  Together, we are moving continually upstream to provide the highest level of care to all.”

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