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Viera Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Center, Inc. prepares for the opening of its newest location, bringing sports medicine and orthopedic expertise to the Viera community

In March of this year, Viera Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Center, Inc., also known as Greenspoon Orthopedics, will re-locate its offices to the Medical Plaza of the rising, state-of-the-art Viera Health Park.

Since its founding in July of 1999, Greenspoon Orthopedics has grown to include a staff of three surgeons and three physician assistants, as well as a physical therapy and orthotics department. The practice provides physical therapy, orthotics (bracing and durable medical equipment) and surgical services. Its providers typically treat all types of orthopedic patients including those with sports and work injuries, as well as patients with general orthopedic problems.

Services & Specialties

Greenspoon Orthopedics’ surgeons – including Jeffrey Greenspoon, M.D., Anthony Lombardo, M.D. and Raymond Dr. DeLorenzi, M.D. — have strong affiliations with local high school and college athletic programs including Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy, Viera High School and the Columbia University Crew Team. This involvement has allowed each physician to have acute expertise in the treatment of various sports injuries for athletes of all levels and ages.

From competitive high school and college athletes to ‘weekend warriors’ to folks that just want to walk without pain, Greenspoon Orthopedics is prepared to treat all injuries.

The practice’s surgeons also specialize in the treatment of degenerative joint diseases including arthritis, musculoskeletal disease and joint trauma. Joint replacement procedures — including total knee joint replacement, hip joint replacement and upper-extremity (hand, arm and forearm) replacement surgeries — allow patients to restore their active lifestyles.

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of Greenspoon Orthopedics is its ease of accessibility and ability for patients to receive comprehensive care all in one stop. On-site physical therapy services allow the practice’s surgeons to have weekly contact with their postoperative patients, thus increasing the rate of successful recoveries. Drs. Greenspoon, Lombardo and DeLorenzi work directly with physical therapists to monitor the progress of their patients and address treatment protocols.

The practice specializes in rehabilitation of rotator cuff and ACL injuries utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and protocols that optimize outcomes. This enables patients to return to work and sports as soon as possible. Greenspoon Orthopedics also focuses on fitting sports braces for ligament injuries and osteoarthritis of the knee.

Administrative Advancements

In addition to advances on the medical end, Greenspoon Orthopedics has embraced administrative advancements and has worked to become a paperless company in an effort to improve efficiency, communication and convenience, not only for patients, but also for other providers, clinicians and internal staff.

Specifically, Greenspoon Orthopedics has implemented electronic medical records (EMR); voice-recognition software, which leads to easier and quicker patient charting with no transcription service required; and PACS, or picture archiving and communication system, that allows for electronic viewing of films, MRIs and CTs.

Online patient registration through the practice’s website ( also has been implemented, and, in addition to bypassing the traditional paperwork required of new patients upon arrival, this online system also allows patients the ability to request prescription refills and medical records, communicate with physicians and staff members and receive pre-appointment instructions and reminders via e-mail.

“New patient registration through our website averages 37 to 40 percent,” says Christine Lighthill, marketing representative for Greenspoon Orthopedics. “With the continued pace of practice technology, our goal is to achieve half of our new patient registration electronically.”

Although the team at Greenspoon Orthopedics is preparing for the upcoming move of its main offices to Viera, the practice will continue to operate office hours at their satellite office in the Physicians Office Building in Palm Bay. Both will operate with the same high level of convenience and care patient have come to expect.

“Patients have a choice in health care and being accessible, attentive and an advocate for each patient is a renewal of our purpose,” says Lighthill. “We strive to understand our patients’ needs, and look forward to providing them with one convenient Viera location for diagnostics, orthopedic treatment and rehabilitation.”

What is Arthroscopic Surgery?

Arthroscopic surgery, one of the most advanced and popular orthopedic surgical techniques, is used by the surgeons at Greenspoon Orthopedics. This specialized technique uses a small magnifying camera, called an arthoscope, that is inserted into a small incision (approximately one-to-two centimeters) in the skin to take photographs of the inside of a joint, allowing surgeons to diagnose joint problems without invading the joint.

As this procedure is much less invasive than traditional surgical techniques, it offers less risk, trauma and pain to the patient, and in most cases the patient can return home the same day.

This procedure can be helpful in the diagnosis and treatment of many non-inflammatory types of arthritis and various injuries within the joint. Arthroscopic surgery is commonly used in the evaluation of knees and shoulders but can also be used to examine and treat conditions of the wrist, ankles and elbows.

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