Keeping You Dry

The team at Central Florida Urogynecology treats sensitive women’s medical issues with compassion, professionalism and laughter

When it comes to caring for women facing sensitive and otherwise embarrassing medical issues, Marja Sprock, M.D., FACOG and her team at Central Florida Urogynecology take a unique approach. Maintaining a health care environment that is friendly and upbeat, the team aims to make patients feel comfortable through careful listening and a good sense of humor.

“Our office is professional, but not boring,” says Dr. Sprock, who treats women 16 years and up. “We need to make patients feel comfortable given the topics we’re dealing with.”

After nearly 15 years as a practicing OB/GYN, with 10 of those years spent specializing in urogynecology and cosmetic gynecology, Dr. Sprock opened a private practice two years ago in Rockledge. A Dutch native, she originally came to the U.S. to complete her OB/GYN residency at Detroit’s Henry Ford Hospital, and later continued with the hospital as assistant director of the OB/GYN residency program and as director of urogynecology.

Dr. Sprock commonly treats both stress and urge urine incontinence, as well as fecal incontinence, however this condition is less often seen. She also treats vaginal, bladder, uterine and rectal prolapse usually caused by childbirth, as well as painful bladder cases. Furthermore, Dr. Sprock estimates that about 30 percent of her patients seek her care for vaginal cosmetic procedures, such as treating an enlarged labia or reshaping the vagina.

“We don’t jump into deep water right away, when shallow water will work,” says Dr. Sprock, referring to the fact that she first turns to the most minimally invasive procedures depending on the patient’s age and severity of her case. Basic treatments begin with pelvic floor muscle training that patients can do at home, as well as dietary changes. Dr. Sprock also specializes in several grafts to treat prolapse and slings for incontinence cases. Procedures are performed on site or at an off-site accredited surgical center.

Recently, Dr. Sprock invested in a state-of-the-art ultrasound machine, the BK Medical Flex Focus 400, geared toward examining a patient’s pelvic floor. “This machine was purchased to service the patient. We can see everything in the pelvis including mesh and slings,” she explains.


Supporting Dr. Sprock is her dedicated team of six employees, including three administrative professionals and three medical assistants. For Dr. Sprock, it’s important to retain an all-female staff that can more easily relate to patients and increase their comfort levels.

“Because the issues we deal with are sensitive, it’s just better for our patients if we all have the same organs,” she jokes, pointing out that there are few physicians who maintain her skill set and even fewer women practicing urogynecology.

“We have a very caring team who work together very well,” she adds. “They’re fun and they really try to do their best every day.”

And when it comes to selecting new team members, Dr. Sprock says she looks for people who are all about patient care. “Our team thrives on making people happy,” she says. “It’s a personal victory for our staff to see people be cured.”

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