NEEDED: Retired, Practicing Dentists

What a success story it has been! Space Coast Volunteers in Medicine, opening in April of 2011 on a shoestring budget and an abundance of good intentions, has now generated over $1.2 million dollars in health care to Brevard residents - with all services being provided free of charge.

And the reason this program can deliver such services is attributable to one key element: volunteer health providers. To date the clinic has 80 licensed health providers - doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, dentists, hygienists and the like - donating their time and talents to provide care to the uninsured of Brevard County.

However, as positive as this sounds, there is one major concern. According to Executive Director Paul Ringenberger, “The demand for adult dental care is tremendous. We have four in-house dentists and a dozen satellite location dental providers, but we are only scratching the surface. We need more retired dentists to come join us here at the clinic in Palm Bay. We really need these dentists to get back in the game.”

Volunteer providers receive sovereign immunity protection and the satisfaction of tackling one of Brevard County’s premier health issues: dental care for the uninsured and indigent. In fact, last year the Brevard Health Care Forum, a consortium of health programs in the county, identified dental care for the indigent as a top priority. “We knew going in that dental care was going to be our biggest challenge. We have the facility and equipment, but now we need retired dentists and hygienists to come be a part of the solution. And we promise they’ll get the same benefits our current team receives - an abundance of hugs from very grateful patients,” adds Ringenberger.

Even retired dentists and hygienists without active licenses can participate as the state provides a limited license for those volunteering at a non-profit community clinic. To volunteer, or find out more information about SCVIM, please contact:

Irene Theriault, dental office manager at 603-988-9958 or 321-914-0915, or email Irene at

Visit the SCVIM website to complete the Volunteer Applicatio:


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