Point A Advantage

On The Move

After spending years in various positions in the medical field, Dave and Robin Panicola identified a need for specialized transportation in Brevard County, especially for those who are incapable of driving themselves to various appointments.

“When working in the medical field, I realized many patients had problems keeping appointments because they couldn’t get a driver,” explains Robin.  “Not being able to drive poses a huge problem for people with special needs. And sometimes elderly people end up in nursing homes sooner than need be for this reason.”

The realization of this gap in the market, coupled with Dave’s business-owner experience and a desire to “not punch a clock anymore,” led the couple to launch Point A Advantage, a company that offers specialized and cost-effective transportation services.

After a lot of research, we bought our first van!”says Robin.

Today, nearly four years later, that first van has been joined by a fleet of six additional vans, and the staff has grown to a team of six drivers and an office manager.

Primarily, Point A Advantage serves skilled nursing facilities and nursing homes, along with Health First and Wuesthoff hospitals.  The company also is in contract with Wuesthoff Hospice, Vitas Hospice, American Cancer Society, and provides transportation for Vocational Rehabilitation and Brevard County School’s Leap Program, a community-based training program for adults with disabilities who want to learn and use skills in real life situations.  “Hundreds of patients use our service for their needs in the community and for their weekly appointments,” says Robin.

Recently, the company became members of  “We Care Brevard,” a referral source that helps serve the needs of seniors in the community.

While, Point A Advantage’s most common destinations are doctor’s appointments, the company also transports passengers to salons, holidays, weddings – virtually any destination.

And destinations are not confined to the borders of Brevard County.  “As long as it’s within reason – meaning if we have the time and availability – we will take passengers wherever they need to go,” explains Robin. “We recently went to Atlanta with one patient and took another home to Chattanooga, Tennessee after having an accident while vacationing here.”

Safety & Security

The vans of Point A Advantage are each equipped with electronic wheelchair lifts and stretchers, along with passenger seating for family members.  Dave and Robin take pride in the cleanliness and comfort of their vans, which are all air-conditioned and finished with tinted windows to keep passengers cool in the Florida heat.

For optimal safety, each van is equipped with a four-point safety lock strap-down system, and has a roll-bar reinforced roof.

“We treat all of our passengers as if they were our own parents,” explains Robin.  “We help them from inside their homes to inside our vehicles, and we take them inside the offices of their appointments to make sure they are never alone while in our care.  We help them carry packages, help them with their sweaters, tie theirs hoes and move their belongings if need be.”

Moving forward, the Panicolas plan to continue to offer exceptional transportation service and act as responsible family members to the passengers whose loved ones can’t assist with their transportation needs.

“Since we started our business in 2006, our client base has nearly tripled,” says Robin. “It just goes to show how much you can be truly blessed by treating people the way they need to be treated and offering one-of-a kind service.”

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