Transforming Smiles

Dr. Scott Reader improves the health and self-esteem of patients through advanced cosmetic procedures

A graduate of the University of Georgia and Tufts School of Dental Medicine in Boston, Scott Reader, D.M.D., P.A. has been practicing dentistry for more than 20 years. Dr. Reader established his cosmetic and family dental practice in 1995 in Viera, and for seven years, he was the first and only dentist serving this community.

With a committed staff of more than 25 years combined at his side, the team at Dr. Reader’s office ensures that all patients – from the youngest of 4 years to the eldest of 96 years – are treated with compassionate care and the most up-to-date dental knowledge. The office’s atmosphere is serene, and all patients receive care with state-of-the-art equipment.


Dr. Reader leads the way in cosmetic dental makeovers with the Snap-On Smile, which is simply fitted over a patient’s teeth, and can be removed whenever necessary. “This dental enhancement changes a patient’s smile, allowing them to have straight, white teeth, replacing missing ones and covering broken, stained or worn teeth,” explains Dr. Reader.

One of the first dentists in Brevard County to offer the Snap-On Smile, Dr. Reader explains that the product is made of a special crystallized resin, and describes it as a “beautiful, hard, flexible, temporary appliance that delivers a quick aesthetically attractive smile and does not stain due to eating or drinking.”

Through the creation of an impression, Snap-On Smile is customized for each patient. And although its shelf life is two to five years with proper care, the product is significantly less expensive than more permanent solutions, such as crowns, bridges and traditional veneers.


For those patients who prefer a more permanent solution, however, Dr. Reader also offers LUMINEERS, an alternative to traditional veneers. LUMINEERS, in contrast to veneers, are extremely thin and placed over natural teeth with no removal of tooth structure. Like the Snap-On Smile, this product can improve a patient’s smile by correcting chips, stains, misalignments or worn or discolored teeth.

“LUMINEERS are ultra-thin and last up to 20 years,” explains Dr. Reader, who has done numerous lectures on LUMINEERS and performed more cases than any dentist in Florida. “Ethically, I will not grind down a patient’s teeth for traditional veneers when I know LUMINEERS are a much better choice, causing the patient little or no discomfort, and are done in two short, easy visits.”

Says Dr. Reader with a smile, “Countless patients have told me that my smile makeovers, including Sapphire One Hour Laser Teeth Whitening, have helped restore confidence, transform their smile and enhance their life.”

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